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Our baby girl was born 3 months ago and I still cannot stop talking about Shaz’s amazing hypnobabies classes! The classes were so informative and helped me gain confidence to have an unmedicated birth. Shaz made the classes enjoyable – she’s friendly, extremely knowledgeable, held us accountable for practicing our hypnobabies tools, and her passion for natural childbirth is contagious. My fiancé and I had taken other classes (breastfeeding, first aid, baby care basics) through our hospital, but this was by far the most helpful, informative, interesting, and enjoyable class we took.

We also hired Shaz as our doula, which was the BEST decision we could’ve ever made in preparation for our daughter’s birth. During my birthing time we had a very pushy doctor who insisted on intervention to speed things up despite there being no medically necessary reason. Shaz advocated for us every step of the way – she helped talk us through our different options and gave me confidence to express my wishes to the doctors. We ended up switching doctors and I was able to have the most amazing, unmedicated, birthing experience. Both my fiancé and I believe that if Shaz was not there, we could’ve been pressured into unnecessary intervention. We both feel extremely lucky to have had Shaz there with us by our side!

Emilee P.

Newport Beach, CA

I had the pleasure of meeting Shaz at Hypnobabies class.  She was an amazing instructor and it was always fun to go to class.  She has a passion for birthing and teaching which was always evident. From our initial contact, she was always pleasant and warm.  I learned so much from her and I’m planning to use it all during my birthing time!

Kathy H.

Irvine, CA

I haven’t take a class with Shaz. When I tried to book the course the course was already started. Overall she was so nice and kind. Shaz gave me some referrals to check for a space for me. I love her personality very proactive and quick response to all my questions. Such a nice person.

Analí A.

Portland, OR

This review is long overdue, but I just have to take the time to give Shaz recognition for my incredible birthing experience. I had an emergency delivery that was completely out of my plan, but luckily we had booked Shaz in time to be our doula for our baby girl’s arrival.

My husband and I learned so much from her Hypnobabies class, and even though we had one class left to complete before I had to deliver, it was a successful experience. I was able to implement what we learned in class to deliver without an epidural even though I was induced. Apparently the contractions are more intense when induced, but I was able to pull through calmly and at ease having Shaz by my side. She helped me breathe through the pain, and I felt so relaxed. She gave me the strength to voice my needs with the nurses as well. I was able to eat and walk around, utilize the birthing ball, and stick to the techniques learned in hypnobabies class. It was actually a magical experience to where I was able to smile and laugh through the pushes. Sounds insane? I know…it’s all surreal to me now.

But because of Shaz’s beautiful and positive energy, I was able to do it! Her presence also helped my husband through his fears. Without her, we would have been so stressed and unsure of what to do.

So even though I didn’t get my dream water birth, I got to deliver our very first baby under so much love and naturally without any panic.  Thank you so much, Shaz! Thank you for being by our side even on your daughter’s birthday. Thank you for the beautiful memories and wonderful experience through the pregnancy and more. We love you to the moon and back.

If you don’t get Shaz as your doula, at least take her classes. They’re soooo much fun and so helpful!

Natalie H.

Irvine, CA

I am a first time mama and gave birth 3 weeks ago…it was the most amazing experience and I have no doubt in my mind that it was because of Shaz and her Hypnobabies class that made it such a memorable experience. I can rave about Hypnobabies, but it wasn’t just the method, but rather Shaz’s teaching of it, her empowering us as couple, her light heartedness, and endless support. We took the Saturday morning class with Shaz and it was so enjoyable…and not just for me as the mama, but my husband tells everyone about how much he learned from the class. I ended up laboring for 40 hours, and while it was long we birthed our baby in alignment with our intentions and all natural. We felt fully prepared, fearless, and connected for the birth. Shaz is the best!!!

Piper G.

Los Angeles, CA

The foundation and information in this class is amazing, but what really made it fun and enjoyable was having Shaz as our teacher.  She is SO genuine, funny, and knowledgeable.  I legitimately miss seeing her!

The material in the class was amazing, and really shifted my perspective and has made me feel comfortable and ready for my planned out of hospital birth.  I could honestly go on for days about how much I loved our Hypnobabies experience, but I have emphasize what made the class so fun was Shaz!

Holly S.

Huntington Beach, CA